Committed to your Safety & Service
Discover the Walsten Air difference

Your safety is paramount.  No corner is cut.  Walsten aircraft have the latest safety features such as:

  • High floatation gear for gravel strip landing capability along heated brakes for winter operation.
  • Three bladed props chosen for gravel runway operations to maximize prop and aircraft safety.
  • Traffic Collision Avoidance System
  • Terrain Awareness System
  • Weather Radar to avoid thunderstorms
  • Dual GPS navigation systems in addition to full IFR equipment
  • Real-time tracking via Satellite provides position, speed altitude etc. reports for dispatcher/flight follower every few minutes.
  • Aircraft are also equipped with Satellite phone service.
  • All aircraft are certified for flight into known icing. Full icing systems include deice boots, heated windshield, engine ice protection

The company Safety Management System is one of the most extensive in Northern Ontario with full time Safety personnel.  The safety program establishes an effective flight operations management system that considers all hazards and associated risks and requires shared decisions for dispatching all flights with appropriate management involvement as risk levels increase.

We strive to provide a safe and healthy work environment that exceeds both industry standards and regulatory requirements. The responsibility for making our operations and workplace safe for ourselves, coworkers, customers, members of the public and company assets, is the first priority for all our staff.

One of the cornerstones of our safety culture continues to be the proactive management of identifiable risks. Front-line employees and managers continue to be actively involved in ensuring our hazard register is continuously reviewed to prevent incidents and implement corrective actions to reduce risks. We will continue to provide employees with the required information, education and training as well as encourage involvement in our safety programs and the proactive reporting of potential safety hazards.

All our employees are committed to our safety beliefs and work every day to make safety a way of life.


Flight Reliability

Our enhanced aircraft inspection & maintenance programs ensure the highest level of reliability & increased safety. Our staff will work around the clock to ensure that the aircraft is ready when you are. As a result, our flight reliability exceeds 98.9%. With impeccable safety & security records — we bring a level of confidence, safety and service to our air charter customers that no one can match.

Excellence in Maintenance

Our staff includes specialists in a variety of areas such as light mtce, heavy mtce, engines, welding, and airframe/structure overhaul. However, our quick turnaround capabilities are more than just a matter of talent and resources. They are a matter of commitment to the client. When our aircraft are assigned away from their home bases, we have aircraft to deliver aircraft engineers and parts to remote locations for rapid repair.