Charter Solutions
Discover the Walsten Air difference

Walsten Air has made a practice of extending the finest in charter service and selection. Our reliable and diverse fleet ensures the availability of an aircraft tailored to your unique travel requirements. Our professional staff are pleased to handle every aspect of your trip to ensure it is a safe and memorable one. We have the experience, equipment and staff to guarantee you a safe and secure charter.

Our air charter service allows you to build your very own customized flight plan around your personal schedule. Here you plan your unique trip to destinations seldom visited, the big city or remote villages or towns, the itinerary is up to you.

We understand that time is money. We understand that not every meeting ends on time and that schedules are tight.  We know that you and your employees benefit when they return to their families as quickly as possible.

With Walsten Air charter solutions, your business takes flight through cost benefits and a host of tangible advantages. The simplicity and ease of an aircraft charter enables your executives and team members to be at their most productive with the convenience and confidentiality of private air travel:

  • Conduct business in the controlled and confidential environment of your own personal flight cabin
  • Reduce overall travel time with personalized departure and pick-up locations
  • Access destinations not serviced by conventional airlines
  • Benefit from flexible flight arrangements that respond to unforeseen business schedule changes
  • Manage multiple-destination trips and same-day service requirements
  • Avoid the additional stress of airport congestion and lost luggage

Whatever your charter requirements or where ever your destination may be, Walsten Air would be honored to take you there. Presently Walsten Air offers a variety of fixed wing aircraft to meet your needs.   Please refer to "Our Fleet."

Our pride is in providing safe, professional service throughout Northern Ontario in the most economical way possible. The people at Walsten Air will provide you with the best personalized service that you will find anywhere.

Please do not hesitate to call, write, fax or e-mail with further inquiries regarding charter information, for both personal and commercial needs.  Or better yet, drop into our office where we will be happy to assist you. The coffee is always on!

The biggest advantage with using the air charter option is that you can fly wherever you want, at the time of your choice. These flights allow you to take control of your time and travel arrangements. Air charters are of an increasing demand by business as well as pleasure travelers as the advantages of air charter trips are being discovered. Undeniably, these folks have come to understand that time is extremely precious. With Walsten Air charter services, you take control of your schedule and destinations.

If this is the option that you desire, just fill in the information to the above right and one of our travel specialists will contact you with details, prices, and availability. With our large fleet of aircraft, we will be sure to have a plane suited for your particular needs. Agents are available for consultation on a wide variety of destinations and activities, many unique to the Alaska back country.

Chartering is when you rent the entire aircraft, including your pilot, for the amount of time necessary to reach your desired destination. It can be an economical option depending on where you want to go and how many people are traveling with you. It is certainly more convenient because it allows you to travel directly to your destination without making extra stops or switching airplanes.

Additionally you get to pick the departure time. The cost of the charter depends on the length of the flight and the type of aircraft chosen for the charter.