King Air B-200
Pressurized twin engine turbine powered aircraft.

The Beechcraft Super Kingair is a pressurized twin engine turbine powered aircraft. It is configured with executive seating for up to 8 people. Reclining seats with armrests and tables for some.  It is equipped with high floatation gear for gravel strip landing capability along heated brakes for winter operations.  Walsten is also specialized to have three bladed props chosen for gravel runway operations to maximize prop and aircraft safety.

The Super King Air are also equipped with satellite phones for safety & convenience.

Latest Technology

All Walsten Aircraft  have Traffic Collision Avoidance System, Terrain Awareness System, Weather Radar to avoid thunderstorms, Dual GPS navigation systems in addition to full IFR equipment and Real-time tracking via Satellite provides position, speed altitude etc. reports for dispatcher/flight follower every few minutes.  Aircraft are also equipped with Satellite phone service.

All aircraft are certified for flight into known icing. Full icing systems include deice boots, heated windshield, engine ice protection.


Powered by Pratt and Whitney PT6 turbine engines | One of the most reliable turbine power plants in the world. Two turbine engines means unsurpassed reliability and safety. Reverse thrust for ‘northern sized’ runways.


  • Maximum Range: 1,650 miles
  • Available Passenger Capacity – up to 8 pending distance, fuel load | With executive seating
  • Flight Crew - 2
  • Cruise Speed: 305mph - 490km/hr
  • Fully I.F.R. equipped including Dual Global Positioning System
  • Autopilots
  • Pressurized comfort and ability to operate in most types of weather
  • Emergency oxygen system for crew and passengers, and one outlet for ‘medical assistance’ oxygen
  • Wing lockers for extra baggage
  • First Aid kit, fire extinguishers, survival gear.
  • Cruise Altitude - 28,000 plus ft
  • Max Payload - 2,000 lbs

Walsten Air has 3 KingAir 200’s in its fleet.