Walsten Air Charter Service
Discover the Walsten Air difference

Walsten Air is a Kenora based, air charter service located at the Kenora Airport.  We specialize in charter air transportation throughout Northern Ontario and particularly into remote airports.  Walsten is a proud part of Mag Canada | A division of Mag Aerospace and thus has base facilities as well in Dryden and Sudbury Ontario with seasonal bases in Geraldton and Chapleau.

Walsten prides itself in featuring:

  • Over 35 years of specialized aviation services
  • Some of the most experienced northern pilots and outstanding reliable aircraft
  • Extensive knowledge of the Far North remote Airports
  • Outstanding safety record
  • Excellent availability for on demand service
  • Great guest service & hospitality

With the Walsten Air  fleet of aircraft, you are sure to be flying in comfort with the latest in technology and safety equipment.  We fly several different types of planes, including Beechcraft King Air Super 200s, King Air 90s and Cessna Grand Caravan. Click here to learn more about our fleet.

Let Walsten Air address your business needs by developing a custom solution that brings a dynamic edge to your business travel.

Selecting a custom Walsten aircraft charter flight allows you the ultimate in flexibility. With Walsten Air, you arrive at your destination comfortably, efficiently and on your schedule.
From the moment you call us, we are at your service. Our flexible flight options and comprehensive pre- and post-flight attention ensures that your customized experience begins before you leave the ground.

Indulge in an exclusive and private airplane travel experience by contacting Walsten Air today.

Our team of professionals on the ground and in the air has the history and experience to offer the highest level of customer satisfaction today — and for the future.  Our flight crews have exstensive remote northern & major high density aviation experience – some of the highest in Canada with our types of aircraft.  Our engineering staff that have many decades of experience.
We warmly invite you to contact us for a quote on your next charter or to learn more about the various services we offer. Call us at 807-548-1198 or toll free at 1-888-925-7836.
We would like to be your first call when you need air charter services.


Walsten Air Charter has been providing aviation services and customized charter flight solutions for more than 25 years.  We take pride in our reputation as the most reliable and trusted flight services provider with the ability to tailor services to meet your needs.  Our reputation for safe and reliable services, aircraft with latest technology and highest level of training is our advertisement.

For decades, Walsten and its sister companies have been connecting Northern Ontario’s Far North and beyond.

Walsten Air, is part of theMag Canada | A division of Mag Aerospace family.  Mag Canada | A division of Mag Aerospace is a Northern Ontario based Aerial Operations Company which has been active in the Canadian Aviation industry for over 60 years. It has a fleet of over 35 aircraft.  Mag Canada | A division of Mag Aerospace is a premier provider of special-mission aircraft.  Mag Canada | A division of Mag Aerospace has established Aircraft and Flight Operations bases with Airframe, Line and Component maintenance bases at Dryden, Kenora and Sudbury Ontario.

Additionally the company supports Satellite Flight Operations bases at Geraldton and Chapleau.

Walsten Air covers the specialized air charter work of the company while the Fire Services unit is focused on the provision of Airspace and Aircraft Management (Birddog) services as well as Aerial Fire Surveillance (Detection) services and Aerial Transport in support of the Province of Ontario 's Forest Fire Management Program.  It has an Imaging Division that provides Low Level Infrared Services with its Hawkeye Units and High Level Infrared with its Eagleye Units.

Our Team

Your Walsten flight team — from booking agent to maintenance professionals to flight crew — works together to ensure that your flight experience exceeds your expectations. We offer flexible service to accommodate every flight option and in-flight requirement.

Our flight crews bring extensive experience to the job, ensuring your flight safety and security.  Our company has over 35 years of experience working into remote Northern Airports along with the major high density airports.

Thank you for flying with Walsten Air Charter.

Flight Reliability

Our enhanced aircraft inspection & maintenance programs ensure the highest level of reliability & increased safety. Our staff will work around the clock to ensure that the aircraft is ready when you are. As a result, our flight reliability exceeds 98.9%. With impeccable safety & security records — we bring a level of confidence, safety and service to our air charter customers that no one can match.

Excellence in Maintenance

Our staff includes specialists in a variety of areas such as light mtce, heavy mtce, engines, welding, and airframe/structure overhaul. However, our quick turnaround capabilities are more than just a matter of talent and resources. They are a matter of commitment to the client. When our aircraft are assigned away from their home bases, we have aircraft to deliver aircraft engineers and parts to remote locations for rapid repair.